International Travel

Over the years there has certainly been an increase in including our pets when we travel overseas. Every country has its own import requirements when it comes to admitting pets across their border.

Some countries only require a Health Certificate along with proof of vaccination while other counties can have a varied number of steps prior to giving your pet admittance. To avoid any stress it is best to contact the country you are traveling to well in advance to get these steps or contact companies who specialize in getting all these requirements done for you. Another tip is to contact your airline provider who may have resources for directing you in obtaining the list of requirements or provide you with current companies who specialize in the requirements for your pet’s entry. Once you have these steps we will happily assist you in getting any treatments, vaccines or lab work needed along with the paperwork ready for your trip.

Keep in mind that traveling to Rabies-free countries (for example: Japan, Australia, The United Kingdom) have very strict regulations and often require procedures that need to be done at least six months prior to travel.

You can also check with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for help as they are responsible for movement of animals around the world.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Richmond office:
Floor 2, Room 201
4831 Miller Road
Richmond, BC V7B 1K7

Veterinary hours at the CFIA for endorsing export certificates are by appointment only. Please call 604-666-7042 to book.