Dog and Cat Grooming

Linda with Nacho

Linda with Nacho

Our professional groomer, Linda, has been grooming both cats and dogs since 1974 and has been with Vancouver Veterinary Hospital for the past 18 years. She especially enjoys working with older animals that require that extra bit of care. Over the years, Linda has taken care of a menagerie of mature pets and therefore has experience with many of the challenges that older animals encounter.

Linda likes to individualize each grooming appointment. An appointment can involve the full treatment which would include a bath, cut, brush and nail trim or may just simply involve a quick trim of hair around the face or feet or a simple brush-out. At the beginning of your pet’s first visit, Linda always takes time to discuss your pet’s needs with you.

If your pet requires sedation for grooming, please be aware that we will not sedate any animal that has not been seen by one of our veterinarians within the last year. Please call our office to schedule an exam. In addition, animals over the age of eight or those who have ongoing health issues may require a blood test prior to sedation.

See some of her work below.


Linda grooming Dina